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Produced by Seven Vision Studios

Sovereign media-production studio established in 2021 committed to using our artistic craft to uplift our people and our communities and inspire a new paradigm. Our mission is to bring people together and offer an emergent narrative that cuts through the status-quo and breaks the spell of hopelessness.

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Director: Quincy Davis 

Quincy Davis has made an impact as a gifted and dedicated music producer, lyricist, recording artist based in Portland, USA. Much of his work draws from life experience out of a self-destructive lifestyle to find his path, and he is committed to creating art that can initiate personal and collective transformation, and inspire a new paradigm.


Since 2011, Quincy has been involved in youth education and mentorship, visiting high schools, treatment centers and lock down facilities as a speaker, workshop leader and part-time teacher. In 2016, he established Cypher CURE utilizing the power of the Hip-Hop freestyle cypher (circle) to serve some of the most vulnerable youth in our community and Voices of Wisdom Workshops to offer a bridge to elder wisdom. He is also the founding member of the REBELWISE artist collective, with new releases planned for 2023. 


Quincy envisions continuing to collaborate with artists across the world and to visit the Mongolia / Siberia area, to re-connect with the land where his indigenous ancestral lineage comes from. 


Photo credit: Alexandra Loves

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Message from the Director

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