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Voices of the Wisdom Keepers Part II

Currently in Production

We are fortunate to have connected with a number of world-renowned elders, wisdom keepers, authors and healers for in-depth interviews. They have blessed us with wisdom and important messages for humanity. We are currently in the post-production phase, to compile their teachings into dynamic audio-visual-poetic form. This film is a follow-up to Voices of the Wisdom Keepers (part one), which has impacted audiences across the world, highlighting much needed indigenous elder wisdom, presented in a way that is accessible for modern times. 

Below is a sneak preview of the film, including interviews from:

  • John Trudell (Santee Dakota, spokesperson for the A.I.M movement)

  • Martín Prechtel (initiated Mayan spiritual leader)

  • Sandra Ingerman (world-renowned author and teacher of shamanism)

  • José Luis Stevens (author of eighteen books and initiated in the Huichol marakame tradition)

  • Eliot Cowan (Tsaurirrikame in the Huichol tradition)

  • Auntie Lei (Native Hawaiian Elder)

  • Lightning Horse, John Sanchez (Shashone/Bannok Carrizo, A.I.M member)


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Message from the Filmmaker, Quincy Davis:

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