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Media-production team based in Portland, Oregon committed to using their artistic craft to provide uplifting messages for humanity, encouraging community-power, at this crucial time in history.

Huehca Omeyocan is an organization dedicated to promoting cultural practices of the Anahuac (Mesoamerican People of Turtle Island AKA North America)

Arts-integrated, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed project providing audiovisual and holistic music programming for justice-involved, incarcerated, marginalized, and houseless youth in Oregon ages 14-25.  KBB is based in Portland, Oregon, and started programming in 2016 at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility, and is part of the Multicultural Educational Group Support Sessions curriculum.

Cypher CURE (Creative Unity of Related Energy) is a Portland-based group of artists and educators who utilize the “cypher” (circle) tradition of hip-hop culture, as a catalyst for empowerment, self-expression, healing and building community. “We exist to awaken genius in rhythm with Mother Earth and Hiphop.”

A nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon. Our mission comes to life in the form of community-building, ecological restoration, and education.  Rewilding means “to return to a more wild or self-willed state.” Our goal as an organization is to provide a full-spectrum model of education and implementation—from students who come to a single introductory course, to partners of a collective using regenerative design land management principles to live off the land together.

501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to strengthening our connection with the natural world. Formed in 1991, ESC's mission is, "To encourage and support people in developing a healthy, sustainable relationship to the Earth."

An end-to-end ecommerce agency built of highly experienced thinkers and doers, all with common thread. We learn from our scars, roll up our sleeves and press on with a sense of adventure, leaving the nonsense behind.

The Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education is a non-profit dedicated to creating alternative media content, connecting local media makers and capacity-building amongst community groups dedicated to social justice. The organization’s mission is to amplify the work of alternative radio, print, film, and strategic media makers in the Pacific Northwest.

Mission: Ascending the potential in our youth, one flow at a time. “Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can't go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.”

Essential Food and Medicine (based in Oakland, CA) is a regenerative community wellness organization that diverts food surplus, builds collective immunity, and mends the sacred hoop, by providing food and medicines for all. We are committed to reclaim surplus and locally grown produce to make juice, soups, smoothies, and natural medicines that directly serve the most vulnerable people in our communities for free.

The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations is a team of staff for Oregon Youth Authority working around the state with community partners to provide multicultural services.


The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition mission is to foster a community that is opportunity-rich in cultural offerings, increasing the likelihood of cultural par­ticipation among the broadest possible spectrum of county residents. RACC serves at the fiscal agency for the MCCC and contracts to provide administrative grantmaking support. More information can be found at

The MHCRC advocates for and protects the public interest in the regulation and development of cable communications systems in Multnomah County and the Cities of Fairview, Gresham, Portland, Troutdale and Wood Village; monitors and helps resolve cable subscribers’ concerns in these jurisdictions; and participates in the planning and implementation of community use of cable communications technologies which make use of the public right of way.

Sandra is a world renowned teacher of shamanism and has been teaching for close to 40 years. She has taught workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. Sandra is recognized for bridging ancient cross-cultural healing methods into our modern culture addressing the needs of our times. Sandra is the author of twelve books, including Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self, Medicine for the Earth and The Book of Ceremony: Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life.

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